The Future
Today nearly every major company has discovered the power of owning a meaningful domain name. IAC acquired, Johnson and Johnson has developed AOL has used to drive traffic to its network. Individual entrepreneurs have plans to build small sites such as into real businesses. Corporations large and small have discovered and embraced the power of mastering their own destiny and becoming their own Google or Yahoo with a category specific domain name.

Your domain name represents the first and most important step you will ever take on the Web. In the future, we can be assured of a few things: The best concepts in the World will be useless if the people you are trying to reach do not know what to call you and cannot remember where to find you. When you purchase a great domain name you own the brand category that the name describes. You become that brand, product or service in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. It is very difficult to change human behavior and a meaningful domain name reinforces behavior people have adopted since the beginning of Marketing. Domain names are the backbone of electronic mail and unrestricted communication online, no private email can be sent without a domain name. Your email address says a lot about your business and sets an expectation for the quality of product/service people expect to find. A better name is like a more permanent storefront online. It adds credibility to your product or service.

The most important lesson regarding the future of domain names can be learned from the past. Since the dawn of the commercial Internet, since Netscape 1.0 and Mosaic (before the Internet Explorer browser), nothing has unseated the utility of a domain name. Domain Names are more useful, important and significant today than they have ever been. Nothing happens on the Internet without a Domain Name. In the future, xBrain Media will continue to execute its strategy of trying to acquire the best names on the Web for its portfolio.