The History
Look at the world around you. For all the remarkable changes over the past fifteen years, for all the innovation and technological advancement, the humble domain name stands resolute as the only tangible asset on the Web. No commerce begins, no website can be created - nothing happens on the Internet without a domain name. Everything needs a unique address and on the Internet, your address is tantamount to your location. It is the physical space you occupy in the hearts and minds of people and it has been that way since the birth of the Internet browser in 1993. For all the fluff and posturing of applications and programs - for all the social networks and novel websites, nothing has outlived the utility of a domain name. After the first dot com bust, the only asset left to resell was often the domain name of the company that failed. If anything on the Internet should have any value at all, it is the Real Estate which underpins your location on the Web. Domain names are as prevalent and under-appreciated as the air we breathe and the water we drink; they are the forest that most people cannot see for the trees obscuring it. Nothing is more important online. Domain names are the Internet. Today more than ever xBrain Media recognizes the under-appreciated asset that domain names are.