The Collection
Our collection of names came to us in a variety of ways. Some were hand registered in the earliest days of the Internet, before people understood that they would become valuable assets. Others were captured the moment they expired. Countless others were acquired at auction or in portfolio acquisitions from third parties. The metrics we use to acquire our hand-selected names have never changed though. We have always acquired names that have meaning and resonance to many different people and for different reasons. We’ve strived to locate the most popular search terms and terminology that would stand the test of time. It has been our goal to create a portfolio that would last a lifetime - several lifetimes. We wanted to leave a legacy within our business; something that people could look back on and marvel at. Whether it’s a generic phrase that describes a lifestyle or a foreign version of a generic term - our passion is collecting the names which people are passionate about..

The Rarity
At first glance, the World (and Internet) is full of popular names and phrases. Anyone can select any name for anything, and the world will never run out, right? Take a look again and you will see that there are only so many meaningful words and phrases in the dictionary and popular use, a few million perhaps including singular and plural versions. Then if you look at names which are understood across cultures, which are simple to memorize and understand, which are short or poignant enough to be useful, the spectrum starts to narrow. Even if you back-up and cast as wide a net as possible, our decade of experience reveals perhaps 5 – 7 million words, numbers and phrases which ultimately have practical utility as a domain name. When you consider the hundreds of millions of companies and individuals which want to control their own destiny and enhance the location of their website, there simply are not enough “good” names to go around. The diamonds which make up the bulk of xBrain Media’s portfolio shine especially bright when viewed through this optic. Our names are simply irreplaceable today. They are the reason you found our site today. The rarity of our names brings audience interest, permanence to the value of our company.

The Value
Value is a very subjective quality in names and naming, but we all inherently know a good name from a lesser one. The owner of a good name will always have the wind at their back. xBrain Media has spent 10 years mining for these types of names. It is not possible to acquire them instantly. The best names have always been closely held and only come available seldom. They must be patiently and painstakingly acquired, during rare moments. The best foundations are built without compromises or cutting corners. The value of xBrain Media’s names stems from their meaning, resonance and the patient way they were acquired.