The Selection
The best names on the Internet rarely change, only the frequency with which they become available for registration or acquisition changes.

xBrain Media’s portfolio of names were cultivated over nearly ten years. We have constantly upgraded our methodology, scans and master-lists to identify the most important names on the Web. We painstakingly catalog their registration timeline and as these names become sold by their former owners; we employ sophisticated software and capital to acquire them. Our decade of experience in this field and relentless refinement of our criteria has helped xBrain Media build a portfolio second to none.

Like the old philosophical saw of “a tree falling in the forest with no-one there to hear it”, anyone can make up a meaningless domain name today and use it in commerce. Meaningful names along the traveled path are constantly occupied by registrants because they have importance and meaning, to many different people and for different reasons. The name “” for example can be used to sell software, fashion or education services. A descriptive name such as “” is without peer because it defines an entire industry. Our strategy is to acquire the domain names which capture the hearts and minds of people, in the same way you were inspired to visit our website today.