Our Tradition
We’ve seen many people discover the power of a good domain name. We’ve seen it in Internet domain name chat-rooms and forums when a newcomer is suddenly overwhelmed by the possibilities before them. We’ve seen it at a corporate level when a venture capitalist or private equity principal is spellbound by the opportunities; and We’ve seen it in the faces of those we explain the business to in person.

The first instinct of these individuals is always to run out and register a domain name - a hundred domain names - any names, so they do not miss the opportunity. It’s difficult to articulate the never-ending boulevard of broken dreams to-come, that such registrations represent. Good domain names cannot be registered or acquired instantly.

The best names have long been gone. Even when xBrain Media began, the best names were taken. Our portfolio of names represents the patience that goes into building any great collection. It has taken us most of the Internet’s lifespan to wait for our domain names to come to us. Some of these names came easy, most were vigorously competed or fought for. But every one of our domain names was painstakingly acquired over a long period of time; and at a time when most people did not understand the value of domain names.